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17 Jan

Hi, Welcome to 2014, I hope you have all had a fantastic wee break over Christmas and New Year and are raring to get into the coming year! This post is really an advert for my services that I posted on the goodmassage facebook page. I liked it enough to think I should post it hear too 🙂

Next article due out before the end of the month…stay tuned 

This years theme is  ‘Life – Get into it’ 🙂Image

If you have tired sore muscles from work or just day to day life then I can help you. If you have chronic headaches, stress or muscle fatigue, then I can help YOU.

80% of my work involves relieving clients sore back, neck and shoulders. 

If you have sore or tight muscles from exercise, I can ease your pain. If you are training for an event or regularly participating in your sport, then I can cut your recovery time in half so a) You can train more effectively and b) You can get more out of your sport or recreation. 

If You have a soft tissue injury, scar tissue, or have recently had surgery, then I can help. If you are restricted in your movement or have a reduced range of motion in your joints due to soft tissue then I can help. 

My past clients include:
NZ Olympic Team – Athens 2004
All Blacks
PGA Golf
NZ Swimming 
Canadian Wheelchair Rugby Team
10 years in clinical practice. 

Call now to make your appointment.
0220 588 132

Mobile and Clinic


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2 responses to “Skills and Services advert.

  1. Peter Jansen

    January 20, 2014 at 7:20 pm

    I know you always write that excerisze reduces sciatica, but today after working out the pain doubled!!! Not sure what is going on.

    • jasongoodmassage

      January 20, 2014 at 9:02 pm

      Good morning Peter 🙂

      I see you have left a comment on my blog ‘goodmassage’ at I’m new to the whole blog thing but I’m not sure you realise I am in Christchurch, New Zealand…
      I read a bit about your history by following the links through to Karen…somebodies page…

      Three years is a long time to have been seeing anyone about your back pain and still have no result!

      You can check out my experience/history at . I’m a massage therapist not a physio or doctor. I specialise in sports massage and deep tissue work. I treat a lot of back issues including sciatic pain. However there are a few causes for irritation of the sciatic nerve which produce sciatica.
      Any impingement of the nerve along it’s route can cause sciatica symptoms. I deal solely with muscular issues typically around the piriformis muscle which is a deep lateral rotator in the hip ( see ‘piriformis syndrome’ ), and to a lesser degree other muscles from the lower lumbar region through to the glutes that may be contributing.
      Impingement at the point of exit from the spinal cord by a disc or vertebrae is also a very common cause and beyond my scope of practice. In my experience this is only resolved by surgery.
      I’d suggest pushing for the MRI, you need to find out exactly what is going on. Talk to you GP, if they aren’t pushing your cause, find a new one. Spend your money in the right places not on pointless exercises and medications that haven’t worked.
      If the MRI reveals your spine and discs are fine then it may well be muscular in which case I strongly suggest a massage therapist over a physio. For the simple reason that you can’t exercise and strengthen a muscle that is already overloaded…which may be why the exercises you’ve been given are aggravating the symptoms. (They may also aggravate any disc or vertebral impingement) The muscle needs to be released and returned to optimal health first before any strengthening work. You may find that once the muscle is returned to good health normal daily activity will strengthen it.
      If you do go down the massage route, I can recommend ‘City Sports Massage’ London. They were recommended to me by a colleague and seem to work to a similar standard as myself 🙂

      Incidentally…muscle tightness around the hip can produce leg shortness…

      Start with the MRI or at least find out exactly what the cause is and go from there…



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