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Skills and Services advert.

Hi, Welcome to 2014, I hope you have all had a fantastic wee break over Christmas and New Year and are raring to get into the coming year! This post is really an advert for my services that I posted on the goodmassage facebook page. I liked it enough to think I should post it hear too 🙂

Next article due out before the end of the month…stay tuned 

This years theme is  ‘Life – Get into it’ 🙂Image

If you have tired sore muscles from work or just day to day life then I can help you. If you have chronic headaches, stress or muscle fatigue, then I can help YOU.

80% of my work involves relieving clients sore back, neck and shoulders. 

If you have sore or tight muscles from exercise, I can ease your pain. If you are training for an event or regularly participating in your sport, then I can cut your recovery time in half so a) You can train more effectively and b) You can get more out of your sport or recreation. 

If You have a soft tissue injury, scar tissue, or have recently had surgery, then I can help. If you are restricted in your movement or have a reduced range of motion in your joints due to soft tissue then I can help. 

My past clients include:
NZ Olympic Team – Athens 2004
All Blacks
PGA Golf
NZ Swimming 
Canadian Wheelchair Rugby Team
10 years in clinical practice. 

Call now to make your appointment.
0220 588 132

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