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Opening Post

My first post… after a two year ‘break’ post earthqauke, I have renewed my passion for massage therapy and as of three weeks ago embarked on re-establishing myself as the leading therapist in the Christchurch area.

The story so far…My Facebook site goodmassage has trebled in three weeks…awesome! 🙂 thank you to all my friends, family and supporters, you rock! My ‘Likes’ now stand at 53.

Today I endeavoured to teach myself all about the world of blogging… for something so ‘easy’ it has been a looooong and frustrating journey today and I am still none-the-wiser on sooo much of it. Honestly I feel like I’ve gone to watch the space shuttle take off and ended up facing the wrong way!

There is a lot to learn, so expect some changes 🙂


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